reduce your tender cycle from months to days


  1. Create a live market with suppliers bidding on multiple lots for products, labour rates, raw materials, anything you bulk buy in a competitive market
  2. Chat forum to refine & update bids
  3. Ideal for civil works and other complex buying
  4. Create instant savings with little effort
Key Features

Easy setup with customised controls allows buyer / supplier view only or blocked views, weight individual criteria for benchmarking. Chat forum, bid tracking, and limit bidders to selected items. Real time analytics, side by side comparison, plus many other valuable features, with free access to suppliers.

Key Benefits

LiveAuction can be used for anything, products, services and works, our pre-qualification app means suppliers are bid ready, allowing you to develop one off or group buy opportunities in minutes.

How it works

LiveAuction supports multiple requirements and reduces buying cycles from weeks to minutes. Imagine the gains: pre-qualified suppliers, your pre-release specification is in LiveAuction, invite selected bidders and run the lots bidding. Productivity goes through the roof and savings are achieved on every buy.

More About LiveAuction

LiveAuction is part of our dynamic trading platform, where buyers achieve live price leverage in a competitive market. While TradeBoard is a continuous sourcing and market monitoring tool, LiveAuction is used for one off buys where time pressure in a competitive market creates real savings.