Quickly create custom business forms & checklists


  1. Use for any application with zero training required
  2. Great for business compliance, product standards & competency checks
  3. Mobile technology just click, attach & invite to complete
  4. Supports any level of detail
Key Features

Creates an audit trail of who, when & where work was done, plus cloud storage of documents indexed for easy retrieval. Effective for achieving consistent results in diverse business locations. Aligns high risk events & procedures with WHS policies.

Key Benefits

Checklist is a single solution for any compliance, quality control & audit application, resolving checks for professional services, trades, WHS .

It’s cloud based for easy mobile access so forms can be sent as an e-link with users simply clicking to invite and connecting a form for completion.

How It Works

Create your own custom templates using our open designer. Unlike other forms products where the data is static, our smart forms integrate scoring, data entry guides, and automatic assessments. So you can take static data and apply question by question validation tests, quality assessments and total form scores, you can even link forms to an assessor for quality checks and assign pass / fail / risk ratings.

More About Checklist

Checklist has many applications: trade & business compliance, product standards, services, competency & works management. You define the information you need for auditing, compliance checks, right down to a specific job type or activity. Checklist is cloud based, so it’s minutes from design to send, and enables mobile, PDF or paper, providing a flexible solution for WHS or workplace audits & facility reviews.