live market for special deals


  1. Continuous supplier price feeds for frequent purchases
  2. Avoids the delay in tenders & quotes
  3. Match your requirements & achieve huge savings
  4. Access supplier’s bulk buys, special deals & runouts
Key Features

Our custom designer allows full supplier view / edit, with benchmarked weightings. Includes buyer alerts & private offers, tracks price bids and links suppliers to selected items. Bids ranked & compared with today’s prices. Document sharing, chat forum & notes log included. No supplier fees, unlimited users.

Key Benefits

TradeBoard services a new breed of web savvy buyers who want live data & the flexibility to spot buy or form aggregations to drive $m’s of savings. It takes a different approach, but the result is instant profit growth.

Tradeboard’s the next generation procurement tool, for buyers who know their requirements and what commodities or products they can spot buy for the right price.

How It Works

TradeBoard is dynamic, suppliers are connected as bidders on frequently purchased products, this sets the board in motion. As bids are posted, history is tracked and buyers are alerted to opportunities as supplier’s push out special deals or run outs.

TradeBoard operates 24/7. A single click streams new products and price data benchmarked to your market in real time.

More About TradeBoard

TradeBoard brings a new opportunity to reduce costs, you know how to set strategies, how to leverage, but you want access to the best approved suppliers and you want aggregation power to exploit short term market volatility.

When deploying Tradeboard, you may start small, and tune into a market to understand its dynamics. But we expect you’ll rapidly expand its use, paring it with eTender and eCheck our supplier pre – qualification tool to achieve the flexibility to quickly move between strategic and agile buying to achieve the best price point.